Accessible Parking

The NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law (NYS VTL) requires all cities, towns and villages in NYS to appoint an agent to issue permits to severely disabled individuals. In the Town of Marcellus, the Town Clerk is the appointed agent. These permits allow holders to park legally in spaces reserved only for persons with disabilities.

Obtaining an Accessible Parking Permit

The permits must be issued in the name of the person with the disability to use when the disabled person drives or is a passenger in any vehicle that is not being used for commercial purposes. Any NYS resident who qualifies as a severely disabled person is eligible for a statewide parking permit. The NYS VTL refers to NYS residents with permanent disabilities, not just drivers with disabilities. The permit offers an alternative to disabled drivers who do not want to display license plates with the wheelchair symbol. However, a parking permit can be issued to drivers who have the special wheelchair license plates, to use when driving or riding in another vehicle.

Although permits can be used to people who have a driver license and/or vehicle registration, they are also issued to children of any age, to the elderly, and to others who don’t drive or own a vehicle. Parents or guardians may apply on behalf of a severely disabled person. However, in all cases, the permit must be issued in the name of the person with the disability. Forms are available at the Town Clerk’s Office. The application must be completed and signed by applicant as well as by a Medical Doctor, who will indicate if the disability is temporary or permanent.

After receiving the completed application, the Town Clerk can issue the Parking Permit. Residents must apply to the Clerk in the municipality in which they reside. A driver’s license or non-driver’s ID must be provided at the time of application.