Violations & Complaints

One of the goals of our office is to inform property owners within the Town of Marcellus of the most common state and local regulations we issue citations for so that they can avoid these violations on their properties.

Some of the most common violations we see include

Litter: Storing or placing litter in outdoor areas on the property. Litter includes but is not limited to: trash, garbage, auto parts, scrap metal, scrap wood, construction debris, wood pallets and abandoned automobiles.

Unlicensed/dismantled vehicles: Storing or parking any unlicensed or dismantled vehicles outdoors in the village or more than one unlicensed vehicle or any dismantled vehicles outdoors in the Town.

Open burning: Burn Permits are required for all open burning in the Town except recreational fires, as defined. Recreational Fire.  An outdoor fire burning materials other than garbage, rubbish or refuse where the fuel being burned consists of a total fuel area of three (3) feet or less in diameter and two (2) feet or less in height for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, cooking, warmth or similar purposes and excluding the burning of materials for the sake of disposal. The minimum required distance of a recreational fire from a structure shall be twenty-five (25) feet. Burn permits are free and may be obtained at the town hall.

Construction without a permit: Building permits are required for all structures and building projects including sheds, fences, wood and pellet stoves and swimming pools over 24 inches deep. Building permits are also required for electrical and plumbing work and when replacing or reconstructing any structure.

Storable Swimming Pools: Any pool over 24-inches in depth requires a building permit, fence and pool alarm.

Signs: All business signs require permits and their placement and size is limited by the zoning law. Non-profit, political and garage sale signs should not be placed where they may create a hazard, are limited to 10 square feet in size (for example 3’2″ x 3’2″), must not be erected for more than 21 days (45 for political signs) and must be removed within five days after completion of the event.


All complaints should be submitted in writing or by e-mail to the Town Clerk at

Verbal complaints may be acted upon if the subject of the complaint is readily visible.