Town Fees

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Town Fee Schedule

Residential Projects

Accessory Building (without foundation) : Base Fee: $15, Plus SF:$0.05

Accessory Building (with foundation or post holes): Base Fee: $25, Plus SF:$0.05

Addition: Base Fee: $25, Plus SF:$0.20

Antenna / Satellite Dish (less than 3’): Base Fee: $25

Change of Use (no construction): Base Fee: $25

Decks and Porches: Base Fee: $25, Plus SF:$0.10

Demolition: Base Fee: $25, Plus SF:$0.05

Dwelling: Base Fee: $25, Plus SF:$0.20

Excavation / Fill / Grading: Base Fee: $50

Fence: Base Fee: $25, Plus SF:$0.05

Foundation (modular home): Base Fee: $25, Plus SF:$0.10

Garage (attached): Base Fee: $25, Plus SF:$0.15

Generator: Base Fee: $35

Heating Device / Chimney: Base Fee: $35

Mobile Home: Base Fee: $25, Plus SF:$0.15

Renovation: Base Fee: $25, Plus SF:$0.10

Sign: Base Fee: $25

Solar Panels: Base Fee: $50

Swimming Pool (on-ground) / Spa: Base Fee: $35

Swimming Pool (in-ground): Base Fee: $75

Windmill (roof mounted): Base Fee: $75

Windmill (tower): Base Fee: $100

Unlisted Projects (per inspection): Base Fee: $20

Extension of Building Permit: Base Fee: *

*25% Original Fee / $25 Minimum

Commercial Projects

Accessory Building (storage, etc.): Base Fee: $25, Plus SF:$0.15

Antenna: Base Fee: $150

Building or Addition: Base Fee: $50, Plus SF:$0.25

Change of Use (no construction): Base Fee: $50

Demolition: Base Fee: $50, Plus SF:$0.05

Excavation / Fill / Grading: Base Fee: $75

Fence: Base Fee: $25, Plus SF:$0.05

Generator: Base Fee: $50

Heating Device / Chimney: Base Fee: $35

Renovation: Base Fee: $50, Plus SF:$0.05

Sign: Base Fee: $25, Plus SF:$1.00

Solar Panels: Base Fee: $75

Tower (cellular, radio): Base Fee: $500

Windmill (roof mounted): Base Fee: $75

Windmill (tower): Base Fee: $100

Windmill (tower nonprivate use): Base Fee: $500

Unlisted Projects (per inspection): Base Fee: $25

Operating Permit: Base Fee: $0

Extension of Building Permit: Base Fee: **

Other Fees

Fireworks Display Permit: Base Fee: $50

Site Plan – New: Base Fee: $100

Site Plan – Modification: Base Fee: $50

Special Permit: Base Fee: $50

Special Permit – Oil & Gas Ex.: Base Fee: $100

Subdivision Plats – Preliminary: Base Fee: $200, Plus SF:$30 / Lot

Subdivision Plats – Final: Base Fee: $100

Zoning Appeal: Base Fee: $100