Zoning FAQ

1. What is an area variance?

This is the authorization by the Zoning Board of Appeals for the use of land in a manner which is not allowed by the dimensional or physical requirements of the applicable zoning regulations.

2. What is required to apply for an area variance?

The following must be submitted:

  • a. A complete building permit application.
  • b. An updated and stamped copy of your survey.
  • c. A complete area variance application.
  • d. A copy of your deed.
  • e. The $100.00 application fee. (There is an additional fee for the building permit.)
  • f. A narrative, explaining in detail, what your project is and what you are requesting.

3. Is there a sign ordinance in town?

Business signs require a building permit and may require planning board approval. All other signs, billboards or other advertising devices are specifically prohibited with some exceptions including but not limited to political, special event, and real estate signs. All signs are regulated by the zoning ordinance. Contact our office prior to installing any type of signs.

4. What kinds of zoning classifications are in town?

Each classification allows different principal and accessory uses.

Listed are the different zoning classifications:

  • Agricultural A-1 (Two Family)
  • Business B-1
  • Light Industry L-1
  • Residential R-1 (Single Family)
  • Residential R-2 (Lake Front)
  • Residential R-3 (Multiple Family)
  • Residential R-4 (Single Family with Public Water & Sewer, i.e. Marcellus Knolls)
  • Critical Environmental Area
  • Highway Overlay Zone

5. When and where are the Zoning Board of Appeals meetings held?

Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Marcellus Town Hall. (Except holidays)

The Zoning Law may be purchased at the Marcellus Town Hall for $6.00 or can be downloaded free here: Subdivision_Regulations_2009. (Adobe PDF)

For any further information please contact our office.