NYS Department of Public Service – Summer Outreach

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This past winter New Yorkers faced dramatically higher energy prices that impacted their utility bills. This situation was particularly hard on vulnerable customers like the elderly and families with fixed or low incomes. Although utilities employ purchasing strategies to help reduce fluctuations in energy supply prices for customers, current world events mean energy prices are likely to remain a concern for the foreseeable future.

The Department of Public Service has begun a Summer campaign to provide consumers with information that will: raise awareness of the upcoming supply prices and the impact to their bills, provide ways to reduce their energy consumption, and help them manage their energy usage.  We want to inform the citizens in your community about steps they can take to reduce electricity use but still keep cool this summer.

You can play a major role in educating your constituents about rising energy costs, bill management options and assistance programs, and measures to reduce energy consumption.  All our summer campaign materials can be found at www.dps.ny.gov/summer website. We encourage you to share the information found on our website with your constituents, including downloading and printing copies of our publications – these materials can be placed in high-traffic areas. Please join us in a statewide effort to encourage everyone to be more energy efficient this summer and throughout the year.  


Summer Flyer
Summer Webpage