Marcellus Loan Closet

The Marcellus Health Loan Closet us a unique community service that offers the use of slightly used Medical equipment to residents within the Marcellus School District. There is no fee for the use of the equipment. Requests to borrow an item can be made by calling the Marcellus Town Clerk for an appointment at 315-673-3269… read more


NOTICE OF EIGHT-YEAR REVIEW OF AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT 3 TOWNS OF CAMILLUS, CICERO, CLAY, ELBRIDGE, LYSANDER, MANLIUS, VAN BUREN PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Onondaga County Legislature has begun its eight-year review of Agricultural District No. 3 in the Towns of Camillus, Cicero, Clay, Elbridge, Lysander, Manlius and Van Buren in Onondaga County, which was last… read more

Energy Use Data for the Town of Marcellus

In compliance with the the 5/8/2017 Benchmark Energy Resolution below ii the Energy by Use data for the Town of Marcellus for 2016, 2017 and 2018   2016 Energy Benchmark 2017 Energy Benchmark 2018 Energy Benchmark

CNY Stormwater Coalition Website

Stormwater is water from rain or melting snow that does not soak into the ground, but runs off into waterways from rooftops, paved areas, bare soil, and sloped lawns. ¬†Flowing storm water collects and transports soil, animal wastes, pesticides, fertilizers, oil and grease, debris and other potential pollutants. ¬†31 municipalities in the Syracuse area are… read more