The 2020 Census is closer that you think.  Attached is some documentation  about what the Census means to individuals and the community and how you may be able to help census101 (2) 2020-partnership2020 2020-confidentiality-factsheet 2020-confidentiality-factsheet-sp   FIND OUT HOW TO HELP AT:  CENSUS.GOV/PARTNERS Census 2020 has some job openings currently that you may want to… read more

NYSEG & RG&E — Conducting Safety Inspections of Natural Gas Meters

Over the next few months NYSEG and RG&E, subsideries of AVANGRID ING (NYSE; AGR) will be in your neighborhood conducting a safety inspection of your natural gas meter and service to ensure the safe delivery of natural gas to your home or business.  The inspections are mandatory.  NYSEG and RG&E are required by the New… read more

New York State Rules regarding Phosphorous Use

Residents of Marcellus: Please be advised that the use of products with phosphorus is only allowed in New York State under certain conditions. Phosphorous and Nitrogen are naturally occurring elements that are essential for plant growth but elevated levels of these substances are very harmful to our water resources. These substances deplete oxygen and create… read more

CNY Stormwater Coalition Website

Stormwater is water from rain or melting snow that does not soak into the ground, but runs off into waterways from rooftops, paved areas, bare soil, and sloped lawns.  Flowing storm water collects and transports soil, animal wastes, pesticides, fertilizers, oil and grease, debris and other potential pollutants.  31 municipalities in the Syracuse area are… read more

New York State Law to Improve Water Quality

New York State recently enacted legislation to improve water quality by reducing the use of phosphorus lawn fertilizer and placing restrictions on phosphorus in dishwasher detergents. Click here for more details and information Phosphorus (PDF)