CNY Stormwater Coalition – Gardens and Gutters

The CNY Stormwater Coalition offers great information to help homeowners manage their property. Click on the link below for lots of good information on managing stormwater. Their magazine “Gardens and Gutter’s”¬† makes for interesting reading for the garden enthusiast as well as homeowners. For more information click on the link below Summer Stormwater_2019


The 2020 Census is closer that you think.¬† Attached is some documentation¬† about what the Census means to individuals and the community and how you may be able to help census101 (2) 2020-partnership2020 2020-confidentiality-factsheet 2020-confidentiality-factsheet-sp   FIND OUT HOW TO HELP AT:¬† CENSUS.GOV/PARTNERS Census 2020 has some job openings currently that you may want to… read more