Village Update on the Town Sewer District

The following is based on Mayor Curtains Letter dated September 12, 2018

Update on WWTP Upgrades – the almost $8 million treatment plant upgrades mandated by NYSDEC to remove phosphorus from the plant’s effluent continues to be well underway. Construction of two new clarifiers, a new UV tank, a new head works building and modifications to the control building are in progress and on schedule.

The financing package includes a $5,202,600 short term (30-year) interest-free hardship loan, and a $1,379,900 WIIA Grant (formally called a NYS Water Grant) along with an $80,000 WQIP #11 grant, , a $1,000,000 WQIP #14 Grant and an anticipated $250,000 SAM Grant. In anticipation of this expense, the Village Board has increased the sewer rents significantly within the last two years. Having raised sewer rents to offset the cost of design and construction will enable the Village to meet the mandated requirements for phosphorus removal. However, in January 2019, we anticipate another sewer rent increase of approximately 30%. This will mean a minimum quarterly sewer rate, for Village sewer users, of $98.25 (from $75.00) and an average annual cost of $541.39 (from $413.13). The annual cost for outside users is anticipated to be $676.74 (from $516.41). In order to prepare our Treatment Plant for operation well into the 21st century, as well as meet mandated DEC upgrades, these increases, while hefty, are unavoidable.