Town of Marcellus Town-Wide Reassessment

Town of Marcellus Town-Wide Reassessment

The Town Board of the Town of Marcellus passed a resolution in August, 2020 to instruct the Town Assessor to complete a Town Wide Revaluation for the 2021 roll. This was scheduled to be done for roll year 2020 but was cancelled because of COVID-19.

It is the responsibility of the Town, as directed by State Law, to maintain property valuations at 100% of Fair Market Value. The last full town-wide reassessment, involving every parcel, was in 2008. A complete revaluation will result in a higher total assessment of the Town and a lower rate of taxation per $1000 of valuation. We will be in compliance with NYS regulations of 100% of FMV and ensuring that taxpayers receive full value of their STAR exemption.

Impact notices will be mailed to taxpayers in early March. This notice will state your 2020 assessed value and the Town, County and School taxes paid. It will also state your 2021 preliminary assessed value and the Town, County and School taxes that assessment will generate

COVID-19 precludes in-person meetings with the Town Assessor but relevant, pertinent information may be submitted to the Assessor prior to the May 1 deadline for filing the Tentative roll. If changes are made because of submittals a new notice of Preliminary Assessment will be produced and mailed to the taxpayer.

Taxpayers will have the option of filing a written complaint with the Town of Marcellus Assessment Board of Review