New York State Rules regarding Phosphorous Use

Residents of Marcellus:

Please be advised that the use of products with phosphorus is only allowed in New York State under certain conditions. Phosphorous and Nitrogen are naturally occurring elements that are essential for plant growth but elevated levels of these substances are very harmful to our water resources.

These substances deplete oxygen and create excessive algae growth harming fish and destroying water quality so if you need to use phosphorus fertilizer on your property please due so according to our New York State Laws as stated below.

All applicators are affected by this law with the exception of, Gardens, Agricultural lands and production, Sod farms, Areas of phosphorous deficiency to establish new turf:

  • Any application to impervious surfaces must be cleaned up.
  • Set backs from any water source must be buffered by 3 – 20 feet
  • There must be no application to frozen soils between December 1 and April 1
  • Any sales of phosphorous fertilizer must be displayed separately and post an educational


Please contact the codes office with any questions.



315-673-3269, ext 4