Assessment Note from the Town Board

On March 5th the Town Assessor mailed individual notifications to all property owners in the Town of Marcellus regarding the 2021 town wide reassessment. The Town Board would like to relay some additional information.

• The last town wide reassessment was in 2008. For many years home values remained fairly stable, but in the last few years home values have increased significantly making a reassessment necessary.

• The process began in June 2019 when the Town Assessor first presented the need for a town wide reassessment to the Board. Originally, the new assessments were to go out to property owners at this time last year.

• One year ago, the Board decided to delay the reassessment until spring 2021 due to the Covid pandemic. In August 2020 we voted in favor of proceeding with the reassessment process for 2021.

• In New York State, town governments are responsible for maintaining appropriate assessments. Each local government, however, creates their own budget and tax rate. The town is only responsible for the town budget and town property tax rates.

• The town wide reassessment is not connected in any way with building the new town hall. That project will be funded by a bond and reserve funds. The bond will be repaid through the normal budget process. They are unrelated.

• The amount shown on the assessment notification as the 2021 approximate tax liability is not your new tax bill. This amount does not account for a decrease in the tax rate for each municipality that should occur due to the reassessment. We will not know the new tax rate for the Town of Marcellus until the town wide reassessment process is complete and the budget process is finalized in the fall of this year.

• An increase in assessment during a town wide reassessment does not necessarily mean your next property tax bill will go up. It may go up, stay about the same, or go down.

• The purpose of a town wide reassessment is to bring all assessments up to current full market value at the same time, and to make future property tax bills fair. The more time that passes between town wide reassessments, the more out of balance it becomes. As a result, some property owners are not paying their fair share while others are paying too much. Reassessment restores fairness.

If you believe your new preliminary assessment is incorrect, please take advantage of the informal review process. Property owners can begin this process by sending additional relevant information to the assessor at the Town Hall before May 1st. The following website can be used to research and compare property assessments.

Assessment Video  1

Assessment video 2